Working from the dawn to dusk and accumulating your bank accounts with large sums and when you can’t even enjoy it? For What? 

Spending great time with the Bible but if you couldn’t speak about Christ to someone or even deal with the society? For What? 

Finding the love of your life and facing all the obstacles to get your love… But if you couldn’t spend time with him/her.? For What?  

Getting top ranks for entrances, getting seat in the top colleges and getting into top companies with great pay and But if you couldn’t do what you’ve dreamt of since childhood. ? For what? 


Christ came into this world not just for vanity, he just lead a normal human life not just for vanity, he carried cross not just for vanity , he shed his blood on the cross not just for vanity, he paid the death penalty for us not for vanity. 

He did them so that our life doesn’t be a VANITY.

Jesus loves you! 


When death sends a friend/follow request..

Kal ho na ho(tomorrow may or may not be) If there’s isn’t a tomorrow, will you satisfied with what you’ve done with your life far.?

After a deep hypnotism I woke up and I realised that it’s completely dark and my hands were numb. When i tried to wake up my head hit something and I realised that I was in a box kind of thingyy.

Am I kidnapped? Is this a dream?

Then I’ve heard two people speaking. (thinking it was the kidnappers, I heard keenly so that I’ll get some clue about where I was kept) 

They said, “Peter was rich man”. Peter? Wait! Peter’s me, Peter Williams. They continued “he has 3 flats in the metro city of Hyderabad. He has accumulated a couple of acres of land in Kerala. His garage is filled with expensive cars and the Land Rover was the latest one to his garage. He exclaims that he has earned for 10 more generations to live” 

But look at the grave in which he lies and the grave in which James -the carpenter lies, they are pretty much same. Apart from the material used for the gravestone.

Sadly, I realised that I was in the coffin. Thinking of my family, the amount of time I used to spend with my family being a CA, where i dint even know when i used to leave home and when i used to reach. Meditating upon the word, spending time with the Lord and going church, seemed like a dream for me. With tears in my eyes and Waiting for the god’s angels to come and take hold of me, i took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

Jesus loves you

When death happened.

Somewhere between when we transformed from slaves of sin to slaves of righteousness, Death happened. For only death is an end to the sinful self but someone took that for me. Someone destroyed sin on the cross so that I should no longer be slaves of sin. When we believe and accept Christ as our Savior we are actually sharing the cross killing our old self of being slaves of sin to KAINOS(A new life). With this death of mine, I’m no longer a slave of sin and I was born again and made new with the blood of Christ. We are now living through Christ and this life is his Grace! 

Jesus was raised back to life through the power of the mighty king and now enthroned on the right of the king. Now sin has no power over him. 

Romans 6 is  actually one of the poignant chapter which explains this. Stay blessed and live a new life in fellowship with Christ!

Have a blessed lent season.

Jesus loves you!

Jesus…! Can I have a selfie with you?

Christ…. When most of the people are taking selfies with their families, friends, superstars etc.

I would like to have one with you. 

These days people take pics of their spouse or their gf and update their status as “love of my life.”

People take pics of their family and say “my life in one pic”

People take pics with their friends and say “they make me what I’m. BFF”

Some take with superstars and say “my dream come true.” 

But Christ, I want one with you and say , “love of my life” “my life in one pic” because you Oh Lord make me what I’m!

My life is your Grace.

My life is your Gift.

My life is your Sacrifice.

My life is your Mercy.

My life is your Blessing.

My life is yours

Elaaam Elaam daanam alle, ithonum entethu alla.                           Ellaam Elaam thannathu alle, ithonum njaan Nediyathu alla.[Everything is your Grace, nothing is mine. Everything is given by you, I’ve earned nothing]

You make me What I’m. Thank you Lord! Hoping to have a selfie with you…..

Jesus loves you!

Doubting Salvation…

Most of the teens come with this question, “will I be saved?” “Have I received salvation?”

(So did I have…)

 Dun worry, a similar question was asked in the Bible too “what must I do to be saved?” -Acts 16:30

And the answer is given in the following verse…

“Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou and shalt be saved and thy family” -Acts 16:31
So don’t just complicate on the topic SALVATION.

Christ paid for our sins on the cross and gifted us salvation!

All you have to do is BELIEVE in Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.

(Refer Romans 10:9 and Romans 10:13 for further information)

We live in a world Where people think more about others rather than themselves! 

But do not commit the sin of doubting someone else’s salvation. 

How can you determine how much water is there in the sea just by looking at it?

How can you say that if a person is good or bad just by his looks?

How can you just comment on someone, by saying that he’s not that spiritual enough?

A person’s faithfulness to God is just known by him and even better known by the Almighty!
So children of God, lent season is nearing, Welcome Lent with a repenting heart and remember the ultimate sacrifice on the cross.
Jesus loves you!